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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

One Handsome Man & WIP Wednesday

I mean, if I were a hen, I'd want him for my rooster - wouldn't you?

As for Work-In-Progress Wednesday...well, I have lots of little piles of sewing, all waiting for my machine to come back.  She's still off on her adventure.

Lots of little batik half-square triangles left over from snowball blocks I made for another quilt ages ago.  I thought I'd sew them together into a cushion cover or something.

I'm making an I spy quilt for my daughter (you have to make one of them in a lifetime don't you?!).  I discovered what to do with all the leftovers of the prints - make the backing!  So they are patiently waiting to be pieced in some fashion or another.

Can't show too much of this one as the intended recipient's parents read this blog ;)  It's waiting to be quilted.  You can see the old blanket I've used as batting.

And a bag, just for me, just for fun.


  1. Long time lurker here... love seeing your work!
    I have to comment and say what an awesome idea that is to use an old blanket for the batting... that would save the pennies. Have you done it before, does it work out well?
    Thanks for the inspiration you always give too :)

  2. Be still my beating heart!!! He is GORGEOUS, well bred hon.

  3. Ooh lala! That is one handsome fella, hope you get some good looking chicks outta him!

  4. A very handsome man. Some gorgeous WIP's there. As for our quilt swappy thingo, yep, mine's still in the UFO pile as well. Honestly have not been near my sewing room (except for buttons!!) in months - I'm starting to suffer withdrawal symptoms!!

  5. What a fine specimen, he is.And as for the quilts, I too, have done some quilting during our last few stormy days of rain,wind and hail.I finished the 2 that I was working on for my great nephews,and found I missed them so much, I restarted another WIP quilt that I had put aside last winter.I was up till 2:00 a.m.working on it.Strange how you will miss having a quilt(or project of some kind)going at all time.At least, I do.

  6. What a gorgeous rooster. Yes he would be my choice if I was a hen.

  7. Oh my Goodness!!!
    He sets my heart a-flutter, and i'm definitely not a hen!
    He's beautiful! Gorgeous! Handsome!

    Now, what else were you saying?

  8. I just have to start quilting!!!

    The rooster is handsome. I'm sure the hens follow him in droves. :-)



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