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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

This might be expensive.....

I was going to show you my work in progress for Wednesday.

I was.....until my sewing machine broke down.


I guess you can still see my bits and pieces, all lined up waiting to be joined into blocks, but I wanted to show you the blocks NOT the bits and pieces.

Maybe she is trying to tell me something.

Have I been neglecting her? Have I not been using her enough? Is it that she still doesn't have a name after ummmm four years?

Anyway, she made a high pitched squealing noise and turned herself on and off and on and off. I fiddled with her plug, it got worse. I tried to sew anyway (you know: ignore it and it will go away), it got worse. Her screen went blank, I got scared so I turned her off for good and off she goes to the shop.

That's it!

She just wanted a holiday!

(She could have just told me, no need for theatrics.)


  1. Ouch!! Not too expensive I hope!

    I'm into hand stuff at present - lots of very small hexagons. You might want to look at our other site to see what I am doing otherwise (and look like :)

    artfibredunedin.blogspot will find me and the rest of the group too!


  2. Hi Lottie, I hope you have better luck than I did getting my well used machine fixed. The part to fix it was going to cost more than a new machine, but the new machine, even a simple machine, is so complicated, I still haven't got the hang of it. It may have been better to have fixed my old one, after all.Good luck.

  3. Oh, no!!! I hope she just needs some (inexpensive) tender, loving care.

  4. Eek! They always go just when you have something fun or important lined up, don't they? Thankfully mine has no screen to go mysteriously blank, so not too much to go wrong. Touch wood...

  5. oh no! :( not good.

    Hope she gets mended soon.

  6. oh no. I hope she gets well soon!

    Love Leanne

  7. I have an old machine that was in storage for a couple of years. I got it out recently ready to run up a few things. I plugged it in ready for a workout and then it started working by itself and then there was a crackle and a horrible burning smell..! It's currently at the menders..
    Hope yours gets fixed OK.

  8. Hmm - mine new one's been sitting in the corner for six months waiting to go in for a service. I'm back to Mum's machine, still going, still my favourite.

  9. Hope they can fix it! So you cab keep going with the good work, well done!


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