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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A rainy work-in-progress Wednesday.

It's raining outside and a howling gale.  It blew my rooster pen gate (a sheet of corrugated iron with a slab of wood against it - sophisticated, I know) open and four of them got out and are literally blowing around the lawn.  Hopefully they'll have had enough by this evening and be happy to go back into the pen!

Perfect weather for staying inside and quilting.  Except I still don't have a machine.  The service man rang me yesterday and she has to be sent away for a new electricky-sockety-board-plug-thingey and, of course, she is three months out of her electrical warranty. 

So I'm sifting through my projects and working on bits that don't need sewing.  I don't have a design wall so I lay my quilts out on the floor.  I needed to lay out this one to see how big it's getting, how many more blocks I need to do, how the colours are working - basically an overall critique.  I take photos because it gets me further away from it and picks up things I don't see with the naked eye.  Like the red albatross - stands out like a sore thumb!

Here's another angle, I decided I definitely need more red in it, so I went to my stash to see what I had in the way of red batiks.  I also decided I need a few 6 x 12 inch blocks to break it up a bit so I also pulled out a few other batiks.  Then I turned around and....

Ah well, they say never work with animals or children!  Little Miss Mischievous!

Now for all you quilters out there, if you haven't done it in a while, go put a new blade in your rotary cutter.  It's absolute bliss!


  1. It's for times like you're having now, that I keep all sorts of unfinished projects stashed away.When the weather is not fit to be outdoors, I can take my pick as to what I will do.The only trouble is having enough storage space for them all, and I am not much for simply reading for pleasure.Hope your bad weather end soon.

  2. Yep...great day here for sewing too! I put the last side of binding on Miss 17's quilt today and will stitch it down while watching a movie tonight. This afternoon I've been scrapbooking...done 4 pages :-)
    I hope you can get your electricity-thingy plug-whatsit sorted so you can start sewing soon!

  3. Oh it's going to be beautiful.

  4. You are one talented lady. This is absolutely beautiful!

  5. you have such beautifully detailed work !

  6. I think it's going to be a wonderful quilt. And it took me a while to find the albatross! If it seems to be a sore thumb, does that mean you are taking it out...?


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