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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Work-in-Progress Wednesday

This is a little bassinet quilt made out of leftovers.  I'm making it for the local Maternity Unit at our small rural hospital.  They use them on the bassinets to provide some warmth and colour to the postnatal rooms.

An I'm going to put the binding on using this no-snit binding tutorial.  I've used it before and it was great, but I need practice.

And look!!  It didn't take long at all and it's just about perfect!  I'm sold!  I have to finish the project that these scraps came from quickly and I'm guessing I'll be using no-snit machine binding to do it. 

I have a friend who has an old hand injury and she machine binds her quilts because all the hand-sewing hurts her - so this might be a really useful tutorial to pass on to anyone you know with arthritis or similar.

So now I guess it's Work-Finished Wednesday!


  1. Fabulous quilts! off to read up about the no-snit machine binding!

  2. I just love your quilts. So colorful. So creative. so skillfully done. So pretty. :-)

  3. P.S. Did you get the etsy chicks? I've been wanting to ask, but I always forget.

  4. What beautiful quilts - I love the colours, theyre so pretty.


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