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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Heavens! What was I thinking?!

Back when it was sunny and hot and I needed shade.

Back when planting season was a long way off.

Back when I was enthusiastic, keen, fired up.

Back then I ordered trees.  Lots and lots of trees.

100 Manuka
100 Kanuka
32 Wineberry
30 Totara
32 Blackwood
20 Wharangi
32 Norfolk Island Hibiscus
30 Weeping Bottlebrush
30 Cabbage Tree
32 Five finger
20 Whau
20 Copper Sheen Teatree
5 Pinoak
5 Liquid Amber
5 Silk Tree

(And we've already planted all the poplar and willow stakes)

Time to pay the piper. 
We won't be answering the phone today, we'll be too busy planting trees.

(Actually, we're taking it in turns.  One plants till they get tired, then they come in for a rest (which means supervising the kids), and the other one goes and plants.)

PS - someone asked me if the poplar and willow stakes had roots.  Nope, they are just sticks.  You keep them in water until it's time to plant and you just have to make sure you bang them into the ground the right way up ;)


  1. I do hope they are labelled "This Way Up"!! Good luck planting all those trees. We only have about three to plant - they pale into insignificance next to your magnificent lot!

  2. Well good on you. It's on our 'to do' list but time is pressing on. Still busy with various fencing projects before we can knuckle down to it. We didn't buy any this year have quite a lot we grew ourselves which are sitting by our pond in big black PB bags.
    You will be glad of doing the hard work in years to come!

  3. I hope you check your blog comments during a break, too. That's a lot of trees! You think how amazing it will be & how much shade they will give you eventually. :-)

  4. Hey sis
    I have sent your blog address to Kathy Harrison at the just in case blog

    as she expressed an interest in breeding bunnies for food.
    Hope you dont mind.

    Bec xxxx


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