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Friday, July 23, 2010

Playing with Water Fire.

So my sweet, wee, almost-three-year-old was playing at the sink.  She had helped wash the potatoes and kumara, she had filled every dirty cup and bowl with water and lined them up on the draining board and she was looking around for something else to do. 

She spied Wild Puss strolling by nonchalantly (as only cats can do).  Her eyes gleamed.  "Mummy."  She says with total conviction.  "Wild Puss wants a bath."

I almost let her try.


  1. Oooh, hahaha, how did that turn out? Or did you manage to restrain little missy?

  2. OOo you should!

    I think too early, but I was hacking back the one in the chook run yesterday and I spotted lots of buds. Do you think cuttings would take? I have gazillions of lopped off branches.
    I wonder if I just haul one out? I'll look in the orchard, there's a whole stack of them in there.

  3. You know, you have the most delicious sense of mothering in the world. When I finished reading your post about the cat, and when I stopped laughing, I realized that I really look forward to your latest kid/farm/animal posts the most of all! Ms Lottie, you make my day, thank you, Elaine


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