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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Images from my Guild Meeting.

This one is especially for Cadi.  It's the pincushion I got in the pincushion swap.  How cute!  And we didn't know who we were making for, so the fact that it's a chicken (and I'm slightly mad about chooks) is serendipity.

Here is the quilt I made that provided the scraps for my little bassinet quilt I showed you a few posts ago.  A simple and effective (and QUICK) way to use a jelly roll.  Except it's not needed for it's original purpose now.  I have a spare quilt...crazy unusual for me!

I've made two wee bassinet quilts from the scraps now (I'm addicted to no-snit machine binding!).  And I don't know what's going on with my eye.  I think I'm grimacing at having my photo taken - you just don't get the whole grimace effect, just a wonky wink instead!

And another bassinet quilt for the maternity unit (yup, more machine binding).  I love being able to use up my scraps or extra blocks like this.  These are leftover from the quilt I made for my new nephew.


  1. What a sweet chook pincushion. Thanks for posting it at my request. What a "coincidence." - It was destined to be yours.

    I love the wee lil' quilts you are making for the maternity unit. Hospitals usually look so sterile and white. What a lovely splash of color. Your quilts don't seize to amaze me. Such an eye for color you have. One day I'll knock on your door demanding to be taught! :-)

  2. The bassinet quilts are gorgeous - so inspiring. I need to finish Miss Nearly 3's birthday present, and this might give me the inspiration to do it. Love the chook - how appropriate!

  3. Just catching up on blog reading after a couple of weeks away from the computer. My, my you have been so productive - in blog posts, in crafting and in planting!!!! Love the quilt you are holding up. What a great pohutakawa tree in your post about the walk. I had a love walk similar up in Waihi Beach when we lived there for a while - oh how I miss it!!! x

  4. PS Meant to say like the new blog layout!! x

  5. Your quilts looking really beautiful. I love the colors and the pattern of them. Like louisalowry said: inspiration :D

    I set a link to your blog on mine. I hope it is ok. So my mom can find you too and catch a glimpse on your great work :-)

  6. Tamara, you are welcome to link to my blog. I'm chuffed that you like my quilts so much that you want to share.


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