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Friday, May 7, 2010


Terrible pic, I know.  But I couldn't wait till the morning to get a good shot of it. 

I supported the Red Cross ladies in Kerikeri today by purchasing this knitted blanket.  (I spotted them whilst driving, managed to snaffle a park across the road and I was at their stall looking through the lovelies before they'd even unpacked!) 

Mmmmm, most of the squares feel like wool and it fabulously warm, just in time as the evenings have a definite nip about them.

Perfect for snuggling up and reading my book.

I just have to steal it back from Hubby.


  1. The cats have started tucking their noses in - winter is closing in :)

    We got our first frost yesterday so I think I'll be making more green tomato relish soon. Theres no way most of them will ripen now but I like relish anyhow :)


  2. Looks very snuggly. Winter is setting in here too, cold, wet and grey, ho hum.

  3. No shortage on snuggly blankets around here. They're everywhere.We use them on the porch,for mornings and evenings while we enjoy the first and last few minutes of each day, before our day begins and ends. They're in every comfy chair in the house for watching TV. They're in the basement around the heating stove for chilly mornings with coffee.You can never have enough snuggly blankets handy.

  4. Looks cozy. Hard to think of winter when here it's 32C. :-)


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